'65 Pan Front Drum

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Re: '65 Pan Front Drum


Post by nan00k » Sat Jun 06, 2015 8:39 am

having received some good advice from board members it would probably be best to show what I have instead of assuming what I have.
I guessed this is a standard '65 front end and that all I need do is find the correct year front brake set up, bolt it on, weld a torque bolt lug to the shaved fork slider and i'd be good to go?
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Re: '65 Pan Front Drum


Post by old.wrench » Sat Jun 06, 2015 7:12 pm

You could do as you suggest and simply weld a stay lug to the slider, but there will be more to it, there always is :) .
After you disassemble the slider and weld the lug on, you may need to ream the slider before reassembling it. Depending on the welding procedure, there may be some slight distortion from heat or obstruction of the slider bore from weld penetration that will need to be dealt with. I'm not saying this will happen for sure, but it might.
I seem to remember another forum member doing this same repair not too long ago, but the more I think about it, maybe it wasn't a brake lug, and he instead was just welding fender tabs back on his sliders.
Another option might be to pick up a set of either original or re-pop sliders, or even a set of later model sliders/sliders and tubes if that would fit into your plans.


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Re: '65 Pan Front Drum


Post by Bigincher » Sun Jun 07, 2015 1:31 am

I've not ever seen a set of stock sliders that have studs and a bottom cap on each side. Makes me think 'aftermarket', but I'm hoping someone here will recognize them.
I also don't recognize the hub bearings, or covers, or whatever is going on there. On the brake side (left) I see lug bolts, but what are they screwed into, what is that on the outside of the hub? Both sides, actually.
Nan00k, George has a good suggestion, replacing the sliders with stock sliders. I don't believe yours are stock sliders, turned down or otherwise; the shape at the bottom is wrong for stock. With a set of stock sliders, you'd solve your brake mounting issue, and also give you the option of running a fender.
I recently picked up a complete set of fork sliders and tubes on eBay for a crazy price- under $250. I think I stole them, I'm not sure the next guy would be so lucky. But they are out there and can be had.
But frankly- when I look at your bike, I think if I owned it I would look for a disk brake setup. Far more effective, and would look 'proper' for that style.

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