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Re: Mallory Unilite distributor


Post by kell » Sat Nov 18, 2006 6:08 pm

''fourthgear wrote:
its been said here and other places that a higher ohm coil ( point type )will eventually fry the electronic ign. module.''

The old four to five ohm coils are perfectly safe.
Manufacturers suggest going to a 3 ohm coil with electronic ignitions not for safety reasons, but for performance...

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Re: Mallory Unilite distributor


Post by fourthgear » Tue Nov 21, 2006 3:11 pm

Thats good to know because my Pan runs good with it and will see how time will effect it.

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Re: Mallory Unilite distributor


Post by panheadken » Mon Dec 25, 2006 4:51 pm

i have been using the unilite for 3 years in my 50 and 62. you should use a 3 omh coil only and wound plug wires for eletronic type set ups, i have found especially with the 50 that setting up 3-4 plugs at .030 gets the best lasting performance. some of the guys try to get them out to .040 but i have had no luck(i think the start a litte harder cold) as far as the coil goes you can order the 3 omh from vtwin. i have on ocassioins run the 4 r plug but the thread is a litte deeper and the ole pans don't respond so well.

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Re: Mallory Unilite distributor


Post by Paughco » Tue Feb 20, 2007 5:09 am

Guys: I have had my machine since 1962. She's a '50 Pan, set up like a Frisco chop from the '60s, "my style."

Here is a link to my web page with my bike." onclick=";return false;

Here is a link to what I consider to be a very happening ignition setup, by SPYKE:" onclick=";return false;

Ride to ride.


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Re: Mallory Unilite distributor


Post by willy » Sun Jul 06, 2014 7:59 am

hi, just bought a Mallroy for my UL but have NO instruction for it. Would somebody be so kind and send me one?
Here is my email address: Cheers happy riding, Wil

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Re: Mallory Unilite distributor


Post by panhead » Sun Jul 06, 2014 11:01 am

Check the Documentation section: viewtopic.php?f=101&t=7712, but these instructions are not for flatheads.

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Re: Mallory Unilite distributor


Post by panclan » Wed Jul 16, 2014 1:22 am

I' ve been running 2- 1.5 ohm dual tower dyna coils, a mallory A557 dist, 35496 module, not 100% about these #s, trying to remember, been having trouble with my bike shutting off, acts like it's running out of gas, low battery, same symptoms, I have a gen pan with 3 5/8 barrels and 4 1/4 stroke, dual plugged, with a B grind,kick only, high compression, need spark to start it, maybe I had the wrong wires on it I had 8.5 msd super conductors on it they're spiral wound,supposed to use suppression wires,carbon or graphite,,I still have the mallory, but I found my spare ignition for my shovel, dyna s and I found my unilite points dist., found my dual tower 3 ohm coils and mounted the dyna s to the points dist. so far so good, haven't test rode it yet, called Mallory and they said they've discontinued the A557 ignition module, that is for dual or single fire,I was running single fire and not a strong advance curve, kept it pretty low, the dyna s uses mechanical advance, will try it and see, the mallory was real easy to set up and started real easy, just kept shutting off and then it would cool down and start up again, not that easy, kick start, no lights no buttons only has about 5 wires on it, 2-headlight,2 for tailight,1 for horn,1 for gen, 1 for ignition,guess that's 7 wires the dist has 5 wires on it. Anyway, I learned about this from someone on the jockey journal, and am grateful,just trying to keep the pan running, hope this is helpful to someone trying to figure out their options, S&S makes a electronic dist,and reverse gears,one for the dist, and one that goes in the cam chest,then you could run any ignition. pan's turn the opposite direction, tried my other shovel ignition and it would only fire the rear cylinder. I guess I confused it,there is a guy that makes a Ebeyond2000 electronic ignition, don't know anything about that, just another option, can't wait ----Steve

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Re: Mallory Unilite distributor


Post by joe » Tue Oct 06, 2015 12:59 pm

Hi Guys,

I know this post is old but I am sitting here with my right leg propped up with ice on my ankle hoping its not broken. I tried starting my buddy's Pan last night with this Mallory distributor on it and it kicked back so hard ....well it was terrible. He has been running this distributor for quite some time and his right leg is fine.

Is there a condition to whereas these things get flaky? Maybe a low voltage condition (I don't think his lights are as bright as they should be)



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