65a generator gets a new life!

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65a generator gets a new life!


Post by Edaddy »

I was considering buying a small hydraulic press for this and other projects, but while taking the armature and endcap assembly down to the tool store to see if the small press they sell had enough range of movement to do the job, the armature came out of the bearing on its own.

I had all the parts - armature and bearing.

Started with the needle bearing - first trying to press it out in a vice with an 11 mm socket. This pushed the end of the bearing cup completely through and left a ring of metal inside the race. Used a hand air grinder to carefully slit the ring and while doing this what was left of the bearing cup started spinning in place. Pulled it out with needlenose pliers.

Both ends went in the oven at 275f and the bearing and armature went in the freezer.

Needle bearing went in pretty easily with a socket in the vice. Has a lip on the outside of the genny that shows it is in all the way.

Armature was a bit more tricky.
Before heating and freezing everything made up a stack of washers that fit over the gear end of the armature, up to the threads.
The armature started in to the bearing by hand just a bit, then stacked on the washers and the end nut. Used my air wrench to tighten the nut and pull the armature all the way in! (yes went slowly and yes could have stripped the thread on the armature, but the whole mess was scrap anyway).

Here is the result:
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Re: 65a generator gets a new life!


Post by RooDog »

Just as a side comment, and this has no "bearing" on your project, but I am using a later model 65-B generator by Hitachi. Its big advantage is that both ends of the armature are supported by ball bearings. The down side is that the case outside diameter is slightly larger than the 65-A genny's OD and may cause some fitment issues.....
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Re: 65a generator gets a new life!


Post by dragstews »

That ^^ Gen has a higher amp out-put than the 65-A ...
Good to have if there is a high load demand .

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Re: 65a generator gets a new life!


Post by Panacea »

If anyone would like to take a Taiwanian armature off my hands , it's yours for the shipping cost. It's the 61 type...Mike

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