12V battery: where to get one

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12V battery: where to get one


Post by kevin »

does anyone know where i can get a tall 12 volt battery for my pan? I currently have two small 12s wired in parallel that are ok but they only last about 1 year. I converted it to a 12 volt system about 3 years ago.

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Re: 12V battery


Post by 57pan »

I have been using one of these:
http://www.batteriesplus.com/pc-32620-3 ... -12F2.aspx" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; for the past 3 seasons. It is 12v @ 12AH You can get them at BatteriesPlus for about $36. It's sealed AGM so you can mount it in any position. The only drawback is the spade terminals so you have to make sure you have a tight-fitting connection (I had one vibrate off once).

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Re: 12V battery


Post by caschnd1 »

I use a YUSA battery. It's a YTZ14S. So far I've gone through 2 summers with this battery which is much longer then I've ever gone with one of the small 5.5amp 12volt batteries. Still going strong at this point.

This is a 12amp sealed battery that I set on it's side in the oil tank. Here is a photo:



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Re: 12V battery: where to get one


Post by hogboy52 »

I've been using a scooter-chair battery. They are made for heavy draw, multi charge-discharge cycles and hold up quite well with the lower draw of a bike. It maintains full charge seemingly forever at rest. They come in many different dimensions. The one I'm using fits the oil bag opening and sits at the top with a wood block under. They are usually cheap on-line, $20-some.

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Re: 12V battery: where to get one


Post by 58flh »

HOGBOY---I use a Magnasport 12V-AGM from autozone.As you already read you can mount them any except upsidedown!--Befor that I had a bigger AGM that I didnt need!--This battery has82CCA for small pushbutton start lawnmowers & some small watercraft motors.It is the size guesstimate of 4-inches high 5-inches wide & 3-inches deep!--Its small & costs $49.-Its ideal for a kickstart pan & the prior battery I left out in the garage all winter!-It had over 12-V when i shelved it when it was go time in march there was a little over 11-V.It REALLY surprised me!-I used it & never charged it after the first time I pulled it from the box.I ran it 4yrs. & gave it to a brother who needed a good battery.He was buying $19-lead-acid batts that cook themselves & olny good for a season.Anyway I installed the smaller one with negative posts down -(obvious reasons)-& hot on top with a 30-amp fuse inline.No more worry for acid on bike & crappy lead-acids when there hot,they suck!.These are good for 600-degrees Farenheight.& I used rubber to wedge it tight in the oiltank!.If your charging system is good You wont need to buy another battery for a LOOONG time.If you are concerned about OEM appearence--You put the lid on & no-ones the wiser.Also I picked up some realstate for stashing road-toolage.----Respectfully---RICHIE

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Re: 12V battery: where to get one


Post by Raggs60 »

go to Batteryrush.com, they have AGM,sealed you can use them up side down, i installed a tech cycle starter an use a 230cca battery, price is good
$48.00 same as a V-Twin battery, less cost, Hope this was useful, Nick

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