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Identification Identification Exhaust Exhaust System Transmission Transmission and Clutch
Brakes Brakes Electrical System Electrical System Accessoires Accessories
Carburetor Carburetor and Fuel System Forks Forks
Transmission and Clutch
-73 shift cam
'49 Panhead clutch
"Short stroke" rocker clutch
1-1/2" X 11mm Belt Pitch
1-2 Counter shaft question
1936-1964 Transmission
1946 WL gearbox problem
1950 tranny problem
1951 FL gearbox: 5 small ball bearing fell out
1951 FL Transmission rebuild
1951 panhead clutch
1951 Panhead kicker collapsing
1952 pan sprocket shaft seal
1955 shifter drum (34010-36)
1958 transmission
1959 clutch: I want to get better performance
1959 compensating sprocket nut
1959 pan shifter
1959 tank shift conversion
1960 4 speed foot shift tranny top ?
1962 Clutch hub nut
1963 FL front engine sprocket seal
1965 and up solid engine sprocket to 1964 and earlier
1965 foot clutch lever 36811-65
1965 inner primary gasket
1965 trans in a 1952 Panhead?
25 Teeth Engine Sprocket - Might be Factory
2nd Gear
3 1/2 Friction disc set
3 speed with reverse on panhead?
3-Speed with Reverse Transmission Ratios?
31/32 measurement
34008-52 shifter cam
4 speed clutch problem
4 speed countershaft gear
4 speed electric foot
4 Speed gear part number differences.
4 speed kicker question
4 Speed main seal question
4 speed mainshaft bearing
4 Speed mainshaft bearing
4 Speed trannie case differences??
4 speed tranny mounting plate
4 Speed tranny problems
4 speed transmission kick start assembly
4 speed transmission output gear bushing direction ?
4 Speed Transmission Ratios
4 speeds or 3 speeds
4-spd Ratchet Top Tune Up
4-Speed Transmission Adjusting Kit for 1958-86 Big Twin
45 transmission swap
4th gear --- arrrgh
4th Gear LockUp
5 speed, electric start in a 4 speed frame
5 speed?
50' fl case studs/bolt
52 Panhead Chain to Belt primary conversion.
55-64 primary "chain housing plug"?
56 rocker clutch
59 oil breather stud ( goes through crank case)
59 pan clutch release arm & clutch lever problem
59 pan compesating sprocket question
59 pan eng sprocket shims ? clutch spacers?
6 speed tranny on old panhead?
62 Clutch rebuild advice
62 Panhead tank shift
63 DuoGlide-Mousetrap
63 Pan electric start conversion
63 tranny parts
65 clutch
65 Pan tranny main seal
65 Pull rod length
65 starter shaft
8 or 11mm belt drive
8mm vs 11mm Belt Drive?
A combination of generator & starter, is there such a thing
A very ole worn sprocket !
Adjusting clutch
adjusting clutch
Adjusting primary belt/chain tension
Aligning shift forks to top...
aluminum pressure plate
And another transmission/gearbox question
Another clutch question.
Bad bad noise from trans
Baker 6 in a 4 speed trans.
Baker kicker parts?
Baker Transmission
BDL belt drive
BDL belt drive alignment taper spline
BDL drive
Bearing plate springs length
Belt alignment
Belt drive disaster
Belt drive for 1957 pan: what will it take
Belt drive installation and adjustment
belt drive noise ??
Belt drive on 1951
Belt drive play
Belt Drive: What is the best one?
Belt drives, what are you running?
Belt Guard Desired
Belt or chain primary
Belt or not
Belt pitch
Belt Primary
Belt talk
Belt tension
Beltdrive Problems?- Sorted!
bike creeps when i put it on 1st gear
Bike surging into Gear
Blasted clutch parts,need finish suggestion.
Broke the external spring on my kicker
brown sludge
buffer plate
Can't get 2nd, 3rd or 4th gear?
Can't stop primary leak
Chain adjustments
Chain Brands
Chain clanging on rear brake actuator arm
Chain lube on primary chain
Chain or belt
Chain tensioner for primary
Chain tensioner for primary
Chain to belt conversion
Chain Whip
Changing transmission lids
Check that Transmission Oil!
Close ratio gears: difference with stock FLH gear sets
Cluch guestion
Clutch -- Too Much Friction?
clutch adjustment
clutch adjustment
Clutch Adjustment
Clutch Adjustment problem
Clutch Adjustments help
clutch and shifting
Clutch Arm Adjustment
Clutch arm position on 1965 Pan
Clutch Assembly
Clutch assembly simplicity
Clutch basket question
Clutch Basket Replacement Sprocket
Clutch booster question
Clutch cable
clutch chatter when clutch disengaged
clutch Creeping
Clutch Cushion plate 37950-41
Clutch Disks buffers
clutch drum
clutch heat up
clutch hub
Clutch hub
Clutch Hub (Shaft) Taper
clutch hub and basket wobble
Clutch hub fitment
clutch hub measurement
Clutch Hub Nut
clutch hub nut
Clutch Hub Nut - Somebody Stop Me!
Clutch hub nut come loose.
clutch hub nut seal
Clutch hub quandary
Clutch hub wobble...Need input
Clutch Hub: need to remove it
clutch issues
clutch issues!!!
Clutch pedal Stop pin 36812-65
Clutch pin replacement.
clutch plate help
Clutch problem on my 1965
Clutch problem, whacked off thumb
Clutch push rod
Clutch question
Clutch Question, again
Clutch rattle after belt primary installation
clutch release arm
Clutch release lever
clutch release lever wont spring back????
Clutch Release Shaft (Finger) Questions
Clutch removal
clutch replacement suggestions 51 FL
Clutch Rocker
Clutch rod mounting question
Clutch rusting up: wondering if this happens to anybody else
Clutch screwed up
Clutch slipping
Clutch slipping
Clutch slipping/ mouse trap not releasing
Clutch spring adjustment ?
Clutch spring adjustment?
Clutch spring plate: what is the function
Clutch springs
clutch springs
clutch springs
clutch tamer
Clutch tech info wanted
Clutch upgrade, add a mousetrap clutch
Clutch Won't Disengage
Clutch won't work
Clutch, Kicker or Clutch Control Problem?!?!
clutch/cable/shifter/???? problem
compensating sprocket
Compensating sprocket
Compensating sprocket under early tins (1936-1954).
Compensating sprocket versus engine sprocket
compensating sproket
Compensator front sprocket assembly
compensator gear change
Compensator spocket
Compensator sprocket differences
Compensator sprocket pre load
Compensator sprocket slipping
Convert to electric start
Convert to foot shift
Converting primary chain drive to belt drive (chain oiler)
Converting 3 speed +R to 4 speed
Converting handshift to footshift
Correct placement of shift rod on hand shifter
Correct starter gear orientation?
Correct transmission adjuster bolt?
correct transmission covers ?
Countershaft speedo drive gear replacement
Countershaft Thrust Washer
Crankshaft sprocket
Custom Chrome vs Rev Tech trans gears quality
demon kicker
Different transmission cases
DIY electric starter for panhead?
do helicoils stand up for kicker cover studs?
Do I really need a clutch hub puller?
Does a belt in tin primaries need venting
Drive Chain ?
Drive chain recommendations
Drive Chain Tightening Question
drive sprokets question. 1970 and newer different than 1969
Dry Clutch or Wet Clutch?
Early or Late style clutch
EFM "auto clutch"
Electric Start
electric start / belt drive converison
Electric start clutch drum modification
Electric Start conversion
Electric start on 1950 FL
Electric start, thoughts about it
Eliminate mousetrap
Engine and clutch drum sprocket alignment.
Engine Sprocket
Engine Sprocket Change?
Engine sprocket teeth and the number thereof
Engine/trans/primary alignment question
excessive countershaft end play
Finding a oil leak
Fit Evo Kicker Arm on Panhead?
Fitting Reverse Gear WLA Transmission
Fluid level transmission
Foot clutch
Foot clutch adjustment
Foot clutch rocker shaft
for the engine machinists on the forum
Four speed trans tips
from chain primary drive to belt drive question
Funny noise from Mainshaft MDG
Gary Bang seals
Gear ratio's on '65 Pan.....
Gearing for speed
Gettin too old, I guess
gl5 tranny oil
Grabby clutch
hand clutch
Hand or foot shift
Hand shift detent setting
Hand Shift Pattern 55 Pan backwards
handshift / suicide shift. working solution?
Handshift headache
Handshift tranny top
Handshift woes...
Hanging with My RSES
Hard shift
Hard shifting with belt system
Hard shifting: trouble getting the bike into neutral
Heli-Coil Tranny?
Help converting foot shift to tank shift
HELP Mouse Trap Spec
High speed vibbbbrations: rear chain drive sprocket nut off
How are you venting your primary?
how big of a tranny gear to run?
How come the pan kicker arms are so different?
How hard is it to rebuild the clutch
How is it supposed to shift
How many clutch disk ?
How much grease on clutch hub roller retainer?
How much oil in tranny
How to install the Clutchbooster ('57 PAN)
How to remove gearbox?
How to remove main sprocket
Howling belt drive
Id numbers
Inconsistent clutch behavior
Inner primary
inner primary mounting bolt lock ring
Inside the kicker
Is that a offset key on kicker starter clutch ?
Is this a bad idea ???
Jack's gear ratio and wheel speed calc
Jockey lever and Release Arm
Jockey shifter
Jockey vs. rachet
Jockey/foot shift on 49 Pan
kick arm not returning
kick start
Kicker Arm
Kicker arm stuck at bottom twice
Kicker cover filler hole threads
Kicker cover repair
Kicker gear ramp wear
Kicker gear, 14 or 16 tooth
Kicker part
kicker pedal
Kicker problem
Kicker repair on my panhead
Kicker spring starter broken on my 51 FL
Kicker Stuck
Kickstarter Cover Installation
L.H. die 3/4x18 Big twin 4speed tranny main shaft
Leaking transmission
Leaky tranny stud
Lee foot clutch
left handed threads on tranny mainshaft
let's talk handshift...
Looking for Rivera Proclutch advice
Loose kicker arm
loose rivets
Main drive gear
Main drive spacer
main gear
Main gear seal problem
Main shaft 3rd gear
Main shaft oil leak
main shaft oil leakage
Main tranny seal
mainshaft locknut
mainshaft problem
Mainshaft spacer replacement problem
Mainshaft third gear
Mainshaft threads
Mechanical Brake Drum Sprockets
Modified inner primary for chain tensioner
more clutch issues
Motor Sprocket (Tapered) Question
motor sprocket key
Motor/Tranny re-build
Mounting 56 Inner Primary Cover
Mouse Trap
Mouse trap adjustment
Mouse trap adjustment
Mouse trap spring ?
mouse ttrap cable
Mousetrap adjustment
Mousetrap adjustment
Mousetrap adjustment help
mousetrap clutch cable
Mousetrap Clutch Release Lever
Mousetrap conversion
mousetrap eliminator installation
Mousetrap Eliminator Kit
Mousetrap Eliminator proper setup/adjustment question....
Mousetrap eliminator replacement cable
mousetrap location
mousetrap value
Mousetrap with a diaphram spring clutch
Mousetrap/clutch ideas
My .02$ on chains
Name that Leak!
Need ideas on kicker problem
New belt drive
new belt drive installation
New Member - Clutch Issue - Please Help
New Trans gear-set for 1952 Panhead?
new Transmission for chopper
O- ring rear drive chain or not ?
O-Ring chain
Oil deflector transmission
Oil Drain Plug size
Oil in clutch shell
Oil Leak engine sprocket
Open Clutch
pan 65 clutch problems
pan 65 gearbox ? problem
pan aluminum clutch pressure plate question
Pan Tranny Question (Main Drive Gear)
Pan Transmission Question
panhead clutch hub destroyed
panhead gears
Panhead kicker cover stud length
Panhead slipping into gear when trying to kick start.
Panhead Tranny Blues
panhead trans.top cover
Panhead transmisson gear interchange
Piece of transmission drain plug missing
Pinion shaft
Pre 1959 Panhead Transmission Gear Info Needed.
primairy oiler
Primary belt & rear chain recommendations
Primary belt installation
Primary belt removal help needed
Primary belt replacement
Primary case bolts: how are the springloaded bolts installed
primary chain
Primary chain
Primary chain keeps slackening up
Primary chain length
Primary chain oiler
Primary chain oiler missing?
Primary chain oiler: at what rate should oil drip
Primary chain size
Primary chain supplier
Primary chain tension
Primary chain: a jerk/lunging feeling
Primary chain: which is the best to buy
primary drive belt replacement
Primary drive belts: buying a spare
Primary oil feed on a primo belt system
Primary swap
Primary-chain tensioner
problem with finding right belt
Problem with Five Finger Clutch Hub
Proper adjustment procedure for mousetrap eliminator?
proper clutch springs for mouse trap
Pulley Ratios
Question about panhead transmission mainshaft
Question about sprocket shaft bearing nut
Rachet Lid Question
Ratchet top
ratchet top on '50 tranny
ratchet top problem
Ratchet top to jockey top
Ratchet top tranny conversion
Ratchet top tranny with tank shifter
Rattlers or no rattlers?
rear belt
Rear Belt..this was meant as a reply to Billpan58
rear chain 58 fl swing arm
Rear chain adjust
rear chain free play
Rear chain lubing intervals
Rear Chain Size
rear drive chain
Rear sprocket 58-62 brake drum and 63-66 brake drum
Rear wheel locking up
Rebuilding one piece OEM kicker arms?
red popcicle kick pedal
Replacement of transmission main race 35125-37
Replacing kicker cover
Replacing kickstart lever bushings & seal
Replacing speedo gear
Replacing Speedo Gear on 56Pan
Replacing sprocket on a 61 FLH
Replacing starter cover bushings 33288-37
Repop Kicker arm won't line up...
Repro 1 piece kicker shaft
RevTech 6in4 Tranny
RevTech gears
Revtech trans
Rip Van Winkle's Clutch
Rivera Pro clutch: any experiences
Rocker clutch diagram
Rocker clutch: can it be adjusted
Rocker clutches anyone?
Rotating kickstart
Round shafted foot shift components
Scorpion Clutch and mouse trap
Setting up a diaphragm spring clutch
Shift gate rattle
shift lever change
Shift pattern
Shifter Bracket Bushing
Shifter cam shaft differences
shifter cam shaft removal
shifter fork alignment
shifter fork guage?
Shifter Opinion
Shifter Pawls
shifter prawl orientation
Shifting problems
shimming primary so O-ring chain wont rub??
Slipping clutch
slipping kicker
Smoking clutch
Source for alternative motor sprockets for belt drive?
spacers timken bearings
Spare primary belt
Special tool required for sprocket shaft seal installation ?
Speed E Shift
Sprocket combination vs speedometer
Sprocket nut
Sprocket on Brake Drum
Sprocket shaft bearing nut
sprocket shaft bearing nut
sprocket shaft seal
Sprocket shaft seal
Sprocket shaft: which shaft use to align
Sprockets for highway cruising
Sproket shaft seal renewal procedure ?
starter clutch
Starter Clutch 49 Pan
Starter clutch gear pain: mainshaft clutch gear won't go off
Stett-Bilt '36-64 Needle Bearing Transmission
Stripped Tranny Drain Plug
Stuck shift drum pin
Suicide clutch and a second cable to the handlebar
Suicide clutch and handlebar cable
Suicide jockey rocker
Suicide shift conversion
synthetic oil in tranny
Tank shift
Tank shift - tranny issues prevent my first ride :(
Tech Cycle electric starter kit
tech cycle starter
Tech. products electric starter for 1948-1964 Panhead
Tension / free play of primary beltdrive
Testing Shifting and Clutch on 60 Panhead
Third gear
Third gear grinding
This damn lock ring!!!!
Throw out bearing and kicker slip
Throwout bearing noise?
Tin primary tranny
To Belt or not to Belt............
Too close for comfort
Too much slop in tranny?
too much transmission mainshaft thrust?
Torque specifications engine sprocket nut and clutch hub nut
tranmission Drain plug
Tranny adjuster problem
Tranny adjusting bolt
Tranny adjustment
Tranny drain plugs?
Tranny issue...need help with diagnosing
tranny leak
Tranny leak/ rebuild
tranny plate
Tranny rebuild advice
Tranny removal
tranny seal replacement
Tranny sprocket nut torque value
Tranny sprocket size
Tranny stud
Trans /oil question
Trans Countershaft Cluster Gear 35700-62,69,73
Trans countershaft roller bearing
Trans Main Drive gear 35065-65B vs 35067-77
trans oil
trans or clutch
trans rebuild
Trans split in half....Updated W/Pics
Trans sprockets
Trans: Gear oil or not ???
Transmission bushing.
transmission case repair
Transmission cork seal missing
Transmission Fluid
Transmission gear wear ?
Transmission inspection
Transmission jockey top shifter cam shaft
Transmission leak
Transmission leak
Transmission leak from stud
Transmission leak in 1964 pan
Transmission leaks
Transmission Lid
Transmission Main shaft to Main drive gear oil Leak
Transmission Mainshaft Seal
Transmission mounting
transmission oil deflector
Transmission oil leak
Transmission oil weight, the same as your case oil?
Transmission Parts
Transmission parts, whats good and whats not
Transmission Plate
Transmission primary kit or parts
transmission problem question
transmission speedo drive
Transmission sprocket nut question
Transmission stud repair?
Transmission Vent Screw
Transmission: will an electric start work
Transmissions gaskets and sealant?
transmisson oil
Transmisson set back
Transmisssion Seal Question
V twin rocker clutch
V-Twin - J&P Cycle clutch - Any Difference
V-Twin 37-50 Kicker Cover Feedback
VT speed transmision
Well, it finally happend (trans. stud)
What causes the usual idle-to-first thunk?
What fits
What is the best manual on ratchet top shifters
What kind of shift pattern is this
What tool for Sprocket shaft bearing nut removal?
What trany oil best
What year did tranny shafts go to 11.875 (from 11.625)
When you kick the kicker in first gear the back wheel turns
Where to measure clutch spring pressure on Panhead '56?
Which clutch ?
WLA45 clutch
WLC 1942 with Goulding sidecar clutch problem
Won't consistently DOWNSHIFT into gear (?)

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