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'52 Pan is suddenly hard to kick, and engine makes a rattle!
"Ticking" sound aferter motor shutdown
$60 engine rebuild
0il in the rear exhaust port
10:1 pistons with an A cam?
1948 engine questions
1950 Panhead EL
1956 engine tear down
1956 pan rebuild
1957/1963 Engine
1958 FL Engine...
1963 timing cover oil leak
1965 FLH breather port
1965 Servi-Car engine specs
45" engine specs
63-65 oil restrictors -placement
64 pan old but new
65 with a possible intake problem
74 to 80 inch increase. Impressive
A dilema-What to do?
Bench test motor
big cube pan motor ??
Big time vibration
Bigger bore on early Pan
Break-in procedure
Builder in Texas
Calculate engine displacement
Can this Work
Carbon in 1951 engine
Casting mark
Circled F motor bolts for Pan rest
Colony kits
Compression leak down test
Compression number???
Compression Question
Compression Ratio
Compression Ratios
compression readings
compression test
Compression Testing
Compression: here we go again!
Did Harley "re-tourque" pan motors?
Does "squish" pipe add back pressure
Early Shovel engine vs. Panhead engine
EL to FL...
Engine gasket glue
Engine in Frame/Shims?
Engine Knock
Engine Knock
Engine Knock
Engine noise
Engine noise
Engine operability check
Engine rebuild
Engine repair shop in Apple Valley CA
Engine whine
Exhaust valve rotators for Panheads
Final finish for heads and engine cases
FLH cam , valve springs , compression , pistons
Garage fire: how to proceed
Gasket sets preference
Gauges: oil temperature and pressure
Getting ready to rebuild engine
Hard kicking
Hell to crank
Here she is,, my 58 Duo-Glide
Hot rod pan
How long for tear down and inspection?
HP increase from 74 to 80 inch
inceased compression ratio
Knock if the engine running
Leak Test, Compression Test
Leaking oil, sounding awful, running bad
Leaky breather: it pukes out way more than a mist
Lifting motor out of frame
Low compression
Low compression
low compression FLH
Low Compression Problem.
Machinist recommendation
Magnetic parts
Motor mount bolts, how its set up
Motor mount information
Motor mount is starting to give me a complex
Motor Mount, how-to
motor rebuild
Motor temperatures
Need advice on strokers
Need Help - Rebuilt Engine w/low compression
Needing advice
No compression?
No power flathead
Not pleased (compression)
Odd symptoms: runs only on the front cylinder
Oil consumption
Oil fouling
oil in crank case
Oiling up one plug, starts ok but constantly misfires
opinion,suggestions or advice needed please
pan -shov
Pan engine advice..
Pan issues
panhead 48
panhead breather smoke
Panhead motor rebuild question.
Panhead wet soot question
Power Output from a Pan
pulling panhead motor
Rear cylinder running leaner than front cylinder
Rear exhaust pops
Rebuilt engine sitting for a while
Recommendations needed
relay mount question
Running hot
S&S P-Series
Seized motor
shake rattle and roll
Shimming the engine
Sometimes compression: the kicker would go straight through
Squealing motor
STD development engines
Stock or Stroker
Stroker Panheads
Strokin it........
Sumping Blues
Thinking of building a bike, need engine input
Thinking of rebuilding my engine
Tickling powerglides
Timing and pipe swap
To Drill Heads Or Case (Oil Holes)
To Flush or not to flush?
To split or not to split...
Too Much Cam?
Top dead centre
top end whine
Torque specs and manual info
Using 2 quarts in 50 miles
V-Twin Short Block?
Vent line Function?
Very leaky 1963 Panhead
Very little compression
What pushrod seals NOT to use.
when to re-torque
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