VIN verify help requested

Identifaction of VIN, case numbers and cylinder heads
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VIN verify help requested


Post by Harleyguy »

Hi all.

I am new to the forum and hate asking for advice before I have even offered any, but I recognize that I need help and I promise to contribute here as soon as I have the knowledge to help someone else. First I'll introduce myself: Been riding Harley's on and off for some 20+ yrs, but after selling my ride a few years ago I found myself wanting another bike and I always wanted a Pan. Can't afford nor do I want a restored bike, but I certainly would like to buy as much originality as I can. I finally found a 62 Duo Glide ex police bike that is within my budget, it's local and it has a valid and clear title. Went to see it today. The engine does run, but the bike isn't drivable and needs a lot. Still, if it's all correct I'd like to buy it. I have spent many hours researching the great info available on this site and have learned a great deal about VIN's, casting numbers, date codes etc. With that new knowledge I viewed the bike today. The VIN looks good to me. The casting numbers and codes that I could find seem legit, and the bike does have the telltale signs of an ex-police bike ie the cutout in the fender for the siren, the police oil bag, the police speedo, but I recognize that all of this could have been added at any time.

The counter-sprocket and brakes are shot, so the bike can't be driven now, but it does start and the engine sounds healthy. The generator is not on the bike now (just an open hole there) so it spews oil when started. Because of that, the lower portion of the motor is covered in oil and grime and try as hard as I did I couldn't find the all important belly numbers. Partly because I am a novice and didn't know exactly where to look, and with poor lighting, the grime etc., I didn't find them.

What I want help with is with verifying what I think is a good looking VIN and boss. The metal is grainier than some nice clean bosses I've seen, but I don't believe that this motor has ever been apart and it certainly has never been cleaned.

The #'s
motor boss 62FL2xx3
left side neck A29xx
triple tree A28xx
frame upright where swingarm attaches xxxx-58
frame where rear wheel attaches xxxx-58

I don't know where to find the tranny #
Couldn't see the belly #'s due to grime/inexperience (wasn't sure you could see them with motor in the bike, can you?).

So, questions:

1) From the pic does the VIN look correct/legit? (Multiple angles to show the thickness of the boss.)
2) Do the other numbers check out? Keep in mind that it is a very early 62.
3) How can I be sure that it was truly an ex-police bike?
4) Can one see the belly numbers with the motor in the bike, and if so, how/where/tips?

Thanks to all. Going to buy this tomorrow if it appears to be correct, but very nervous as it's a lot of $ to me given that it is going to need some work and more $ after I buy it.
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Re: VIN verify help requested


Post by 58flh »

The pad & #s look correct, To view the belly #s you have to remove the skidplate under the bike to expose the cases, Then the numbers will be near the outer edges on each case.---Im sure others will give info on what to look for as far as a Police bike!.----Respectfully---RICHIE

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Re: VIN verify help requested


Post by cdndewey »

I have 62FL2897 and what I'm seeing of that VIN it looks good. As for a police bike, I believe most were FL's. Some of the physical things to look for are a push button (horn style) on the right handlebar for the speedo lock. The speedo dash plate will have a metal button on the left side to release the speedo lock. It will also have a metal bracket on the frame on the left side bulkhead (hard line to rubber line) to lower the brake line for siren clearance. It should also have a pad welded onto the bottom of the jiffy stand. The voltage regulator (3 unit) will also be on the left side over the coils as opposed to a bracket attached to the rear engine mount bolts and hanging off the right side. As you said already it has the police oil tank and battery tray. The generator (which you said is missing) will be a fan cooled unit, and the battery will be a monster...51 amp unit as opposed to the 22 amp civilian unit.

Hope this helps a little.

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Re: VIN verify help requested


Post by Lowbikemike »

The numbers look good, very similair to my 62. If its an early unit I would not be surprised that you find belly numbers starting with 161. Mine was one of the first 100 and it has 161 numbers.

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Re: VIN verify help requested


Post by Speeding Big Twin »

Harleyguy wrote: frame upright where swingarm attaches xxxx-58
frame where rear wheel attaches xxxx-58
I don't know where to find the tranny #
Welcome to the forum. The tranny # may be stamped on the front as per the example below:


I’m assuming the frame is an authentic H-D 1958–64 style? If so then the forging number at lower left rear should be 47653-58, at lower right rear it should be 47651-58 and on both upper rear forgings you may find 47645-58.

On the swingarm the number where the rear wheel attaches is probably 47606-58 and that’s probably the right-hand side? That number was used for the right-hand forging of mid-58 model swingarms through 1972 model swingarms.
On the left side of the swingarm but on its inside you may find 47614-58 if it is indeed a 1962 model swingarm although the same number was also used for a few earlier types of left-hand forgings.
On the pivot tube of the swingarm you may find 47556-58 and it may be above or below said pivot tube.

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