Frame identification

Identification information of frames and transmissions
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Frame identification


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Back in Jan. you posted this answer for a member that was trying to find out what year frame he had. (HD Big Twin Frames from 52+ newer have Date Codes on the right side of the top motor mount. Scrape off the paint there & you should see a code.
They read like: "5 F" 5 =1955 F=June
You understand?? The year is simple. Straight leg rigid
Has to be Late '54-'57
Month is simple also A=Jan. B= Feb. etc...)
I just had to look at mine after reading this, my engine is 62FLXXXX the belly numbers are both
1 62 59XX and the frame says 6 D so my question is did they just number all the rigid frames from the 60's with just one number and one letter so no one could really tell the difference between a 62 or 63 frame???
PS I did order the bruce palmer book but it won't be here for days and I just had to ask ;D
Thank you for your reply

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Re: Frame identification


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From '58 onwards the frames were swing arm style. "6D" would mean it's a 1966 frame, made in April. If your frame is a rigid then it's a '56. You could tell the difference in the years by that single numeral - a '62 would be "2D" for example, and a '63 would be "3D" on the swingarm frames.

'58-'64 frames have a noticeable drop in the top rails of the frame right under the seat. For '65 and onwards this levels out somewhat - I guess to give extra clearance for the electric starters fitted.



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Re: Frame identification


Post by fourthgear »

I Looked at my frame last night and it has a 8L on the motor mount , so that would be 1958 / Dec. . man was that hard to see with the powder coat. My rear frame and swing arm has the - 58 on both .

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Re: Frame identification


Post by Billy »

It's a good thing to know "what ya got".

has that info right on!! The 65 & later frames as he said were a straighter shot clear thru the struts, room was needed for the BIG 12 volt batt. For the first E. Start in Big Twins.

1964 Servi-Car was actually the first HD to have Elec. Start & 12 volt. 1 year ahead of the Pans..

It's ALL good though.. ;)

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