Best Slip-On Muffler?

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Best Slip-On Muffler?


Post by Kooobb »

Even non-Harley guys notice how horrid the stock exhaust is (my buddy on a Honda 250 laughed at me!). So, of course, I'm looking into getting a slip-on to hopefully remedy the "issue".

I'm looking at a few different ones and narrowed it down to the following:

Screamin' Eagle, Two Brothers, Vance & Hines, Bassani

Beings they are all so close in price, I'm not worried about price difference as a factor. Basically I want the one that sounds best and offers the best performance advantage (if any do).

The local H-D dealer said the Two Brothers sounded a lot better than the Screamin' Eagle, but I can't really find a good solid video of the TB exhaust.

I want a deep rumble, the genuine Harley sound, but not obnoxiously loud (but of course loud enough to hear it going down the street ;))

Has anyone tried out the ones I've mentioned, what should I go with?

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Re: Best Slip-On Muffler?


Post by Buddhahoodvatoloco »

Basani all day long, sound good, quality, and I've never really noticed any performance difference with any exhaust, but then I used to ride like a fool.. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :lol:

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Re: Best Slip-On Muffler?


Post by Andygears »

You don’t mention what year your “tricycle” (sorry) is but it probably is later fuel injection. Not our element! I don’t know what tuning differs for three wheel late models but would imagine additional torque is dialed in the stock map. Therefore, I would recommend going to a large bike meet with all the vendors and finding the “sound” you like. Then, talk to the vendor about what changes to your ECM are necessary to gain performance along with sound.

Closed loop fuel injection is NOT a do it yourself project, easier breathing thru mufflers or air cleaner can lean out the mixture and not give good results.

Buy a servi-car, then we can help with trike performance!


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Re: Best Slip-On Muffler?


Post by RooDog »

My preference goes toward the Supertrapp two into one, or staggered duals (twice as expensive) because their large bore, glass packed muffler with stackable end plates, or open, is the only muffler I have found that is completely adjustable for both sound and performance tuning. They are not heavily advertised, like most of the others, but work very well. I use it myself on my 100" Evo and am very satisfied.
Also available in Stainless Steel....

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