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Where would you start..?


Post by Ohio-Rider »

Since it has been sort of slow around here recently let me pose a question to ya all. The weather here last week was good enough to get the 56pan out of the garage and go for my first ride this year. The bike was hard to start and didn't have its normal pep. It's not running terrible, but just not quite right. Thought maybe I got some bad fuel, so I drained the tanks and refilled with fresh fuel and changed the plugs. That didn't change anything.

I took it out on the freeway for a short ride of about 50 miles. The bike has never run this bad. While running at 60mph the bike feels as though it is lurching as though I'm turning the ignition on and off. The valve train sounds fine and there is no smoking from exhaust.

The weather has once again gone bad so now is a good time for me to find out whats wrong with my baby. So where would you guys suggest I start looking..? I'm running a S&S -Super E and a E-Beyond2000 ignition with solids. The bike was running fine when I put it away last November.
Thanks for any suggestions. -Steve

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Post by Panacea »

You might have some green slime cloging up the jets, With the quality of the gas now days. Even with stabilizer or sea foam the first tank never seems to run real well. you might check the jets for crud... Mike

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