How to Treat New Chrome?

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How to Treat New Chrome?


Post by Schwee »

Chrome finally came back from the chrome shop. Pipes, tubes, triple tree, lotsa stuff.
I hate to even touch it; it's so shiny and new.

What's the best "wax" of something to apply? I hesitate to use "chrome polish", because 'polish' seems to imply an abrasive.
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Re: How to Treat New Chrome?


Post by 58flh »

A coating of plain carnuba wax,& let it sit until you install!--It wipes-off easy & your best bet is to leave it wrapped-up & not let the salt & oils from your hands come in contact with them!.--UNTIL your ready!.--The EXHAUST can be painted or coated on the inside near the head spigot for discoloring -(bluing--yellowing)-when it runs!.They make Hi-TEMP paint & other coatings just for this purpose!--I found that paint did as good a job as the pricy header coating.Before you start motor CLEAN & WAX everywhere your fingers were!--(They will burn & etch themselves right to it!).--Today there are a NUMBER of products that are very good!--I find that If you must have chrome -(NU-FINISH-&-REGULAR old Carnuba wax both work great!)---For paint I use Carnuba-wax!--& a cotton T for polishing or buffing to a shine!.--SIMICHROME works well also!--It really works well if your spokes get pitted!,It realy helps take a lot of the elbow grease out of the equation!.--On alum.-Finishes--I use MOTHERS! or SIMI!--USE white T until its black in that spot where you applied it,,,& change to clean spot regularly!.Makes ALUM. SHINE NICE!----RESPECTFULLY---RICHIE 8)

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Re: How to Treat New Chrome?


Post by Huck »

I agree with Richie on the stove paint, I’ve used it and it does help. I clean my pipes with denatured alcohol after install, you really don’t want anything on them. If the motor is fresh I’d break it in with old pipes. If the tapped holes where chromed you’re going to be hating what come next. They’ll all need chased & you’ll run the risk of cracking the chrome.

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Re: How to Treat New Chrome?


Post by 1951 adam »

Never dry rub it, dust and dirt scratch chrome. Wet it down with a spray wax first .

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